Changing Google Account connected to app

Massimo 11 months ago in General • updated by Stéphane Hamel 6 months ago 5

I use several Google accounts each for different purposes. I also have two analytical profiles I use. An old legacy one with many older clients, and a new one that is common to our team. I often need to switch between accounts.

After I authenticate to an account, I can sign out. However, when I sign back in the system automatically logs me back into the same account without an option to switch. I can work around this if I add the extension to multiple instances of my browser, each logged into a different account and the extension authenticated to that account.

I consider not being able to switch a bug.

Stéphane Hamel 6 months ago

Da Vinci Tools v2019.1.24 just came out and fixes the authentication flow problem.