Changing Google Account connected to app

Massimo 4 years ago in General updated by Supermetrics Support Team 4 years ago 5

I use several Google accounts each for different purposes. I also have two analytical profiles I use. An old legacy one with many older clients, and a new one that is common to our team. I often need to switch between accounts.

After I authenticate to an account, I can sign out. However, when I sign back in the system automatically logs me back into the same account without an option to switch. I can work around this if I add the extension to multiple instances of my browser, each logged into a different account and the extension authenticated to that account.

I consider not being able to switch a bug.


Da Vinci Tools v2019.1.24 just came out and fixes the authentication flow problem.


Short Responsive Ads fields

Moak Designs 3 years ago in General updated by Supermetrics Support Team 3 years ago 5

At first I thought it was Google Ads feature issue but then I noticed as I attempted to send the screenshot included with my feedback, the fields returned normal, so I disabled Da Vinci Tools on Google Ads and sure enough, the fields went back to normal size. After re-enabling the extension, the fields were shortened. 

Can you fix so it doesn't shorten the fields in the ad editing screen? Thank you in advance.

Image 223

Image 222

Good catch! Of course, it was a CSS conflict but this time, caused by the 3rd party vendor I'm using called Popper Tooltip.

There's currently a pending release awaiting Google's moderation (and God knows how long it can take!), so this fix will be available in the following release.


We really need granular feature activation options in Da Vinci Tools extension

Olivier VIT 3 years ago in General updated by Supermetrics Support Team 3 years ago 3

Since release 2019.9.18, the extension offers only Google product level global feature activation.
For example, either you get all enhancements for Google Analytics UI, or none of them.
This isn't suitable !

  • You may not like some of the feature / not require them all / not adhere to the changes it provides
  • Many feature affect the interface layout, you can't restore the original GUI and do screenshots to share to users without the extension (they will question why they don't see the same thing)
  • You may face a bug with one feature, and then can't disable that single feature to keep using the extension, you need to fully disable the extension

As of now I just can't keep using that extension while a few of its features are really really helpful daily !


Done - I have reverted the changes I made in the latest version so people will be able to individually choose the features they want. This fix will be available in the nest release.


Weird "activity spinner" icon in Google Ads

Henrik Söderlund 3 years ago in General updated by Supermetrics Support Team 3 years ago 2

Whenever an action is performed, Da Vinci changes the native activity spinner to something that looks really buggy. This has been seen the last month or two on our end. See the blue spinner icon (it spins too) below (highlighted with pink marker square).

Image 168


Fixed for next release! It as a simple CSS conflict.