Can't access other logged profiles in GTM (Chrome) it always redirect to the default user

Carlos Escalera 2 weeks ago in Tag Manager • updated by Stéphane Hamel 1 week ago 4

I noticed this yesterday, when I was trying to switch to another logged user in Chrome, GTM kept redirecting me to the default user. I had to disable the extension momentarily to be able to change

UPDATE: the issue disappears when I disable the option "RememberMe: Remember last container you were on"

Stéphane Hamel 1 week ago

Fixed in the upcoming release.


Google Sheets Export - Not Exporting Segment or Filters

TomScogg 3 weeks ago in Analytics • updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago 3


I've been using the Google Sheets Export option for the first time and I've noticed it does not include the segment i have applied or the filters that I've set in the report when I paste over to Google Sheets

Is something broken or have I not exported it correctly?


Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago

Good catch! I fixed it, and at the same time I found that some segment IDs listed in the GA interface do not actually match the reporting API segment ids.

For example, All Users in the GA interface is "builtin1" and corresponds to "gaid::-1" in the reporting API, which is easy to handle. But Bounced Sessions is "builtin27" in the GA interface, but is "gaid::-19" for the reporting API... go figure!

This will be fixed in the next release, coming up April 5th.


Google Analytics export tool is not responding

Ethan Bartolic 4 weeks ago in Analytics • updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago 5

The custom export options Da Vinci provides are not responding. The mouse does not indicate that these are clickable elements and when clicked nothing happens. This is true of built-in and custom reports. I have tried disabling the feature and disabling Da Vinci.

Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago

I just checked and the filters are there for dimensions and metrics, for Reporting API v4 and GA Spreadsheet addon. I also recorded a quick demo here: https://www.useloom.com/share/cb8100a272a0480788d4ace47f079e01

While doing my test, I noticed the condition for metrics was there but with the wrong condition - for example, it had METRIC_GREATER_THAN instead of just GREATER_THAN. I just fixed that and it will be ok in the next release.

If you still have issues, please check if there are any errors in your browser JavaScript console, or more info about the query you are trying to build (which report, which segments, filters, etc.) and I will see if I can reproduce it.


Hide me does not work

Paul H. 1 month ago in Analytics • updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago 8

I'm running into a problem that I cannot resolve and I can't find a posted description of the problem or the solution anywhere. I've my copy of the DaVinci in Google Analytics Tracking is set to "OFF" (Blocked).  When going to my website I see myself being tracked on GA "Real-time."  If I close the browser tab that I used to opened my website I continue to show up as a "real-time" user past the 30 second delayed response time.   If I close my Google Chrome browser, open it and the go directly to GA (nothing else), I'm still tracking as a real-time user. (?????)   The only way I found to remove myself from being tracked in real time on GA is to reboot my laptop. (????!!!!)   Got any ideas what could be causing this false real-time tracking??  Thank you....

Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago

I just checked again - worked fine for me. I also did a little Loom screen recording to show how it works/what happens: https://www.useloom.com/share/2781aa4b0a254c76a55ceeaa125598db

  • make sure you are NOT in Incognito mode - to respect user's privacy, Da Vinci doesn't work when the browser is in Incognito
  • does the Da Vinci Tools icon in the browser toolbar show a little red X?
  • if you can share your website, I can try to see if for some odd reason the GA call isn't being detected (you can email me@StephaneHamel.net to share the details)
  • if you open the browser JavaScript console, are there any errors?
  • if you enter chrome:extensions in your browser URL bar, it will show all your extensions and you can click on the background page for Da Vinci Tools - you will see messages like this:
Analytics.HideMe: Set to /id=(UA-570276-22)/
Analytics.HideMe: Blocked POST request matching /id=(UA-570276-22)/
Analytics.HideMe: Blocked GET request matching /id=(UA-570276-22)/
Analytics.HideMe: Set to /id=(^$)/

Conditional style formatting in datastudio

Alrik Burger 2 months ago • updated 2 months ago 5

To me datastudio is currently lacking proper conditional formating of metrics.

Is it possible to fix this with da vinci tools. It would be great for some metrcis to have the basic possibility to maken the color of numbers red for negatives and green for positives for example.

Stéphane Hamel 2 months ago


Whenever a string of the format ${font-awesome icon} is found in a dimension, it will be replaced with its corresponding icon. It's not quite conditional formatting, but with calculated fields, you can use icons in a similar way.

So something like ${far fa-grin-tongue-wink fa-2x} will be replaced by the grin-tongue-wink smiley.

Cool isn't it! :)


Transaction refund / reverse not working ?

Christopher Guillou 3 months ago in Analytics • updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago 23

When I try to cancel a transaction with the (awesome) new function I keep going through the Google Authorization every time process with no effect.

Am I missing something ?

Thanks !

Stéphane Hamel 3 weeks ago

I have solved this problem by simplifying the way the data is retrieved and the measurement protocol call is created. This will be available in the next release, coming up very shortly.

Also, I have introduced the ability to refund/revert a single item of a transaction.

Note those features will eventually be available only to subscribers.


Images are not loading in GTM preview

krvermeulen 4 months ago in Tag Manager • updated by Søren Friis Dam 3 months ago 4

The images that are used in GTM Preview no longer work. See attached screenshot. The link to the images gives a 404.

Example: https://www.davinci.tools/img/icons/ConversionLinker.png

Not a bug

unable to deselect data range comparison in Google Analytics

Esben Rasmussen 4 months ago in Analytics • updated by Stéphane Hamel 2 months ago 4

In google Analytics I had selected a data range comparison with a previous period. When I wanted to click the checkbox to deselect this date comparison I was now unable to do so. Clicking it resulted in the date selector "window" closing.

I tried setting the permissions for De Vinci Tools to only be allowed to run, when I click the plugin in Chrome. Then I reloaded the page and tried again (with Davinci Tools now disabled). This time it worked - I could remove the data range comparison in Google Analytics.

Stéphane Hamel 2 months ago

I spent a fair amount of time drilling into this problem - assuming it was caused by Da Vinci. Actually, it's not. It seems to be a random problem but I was able to reproduce it when having an active "Compare To" and drilling into a report entry. On the drilled-down report I'm unable to deselect the Compare To flag. Refreshing the page seems to solve it - but maybe not always.

I have recorded a quick demo of this problem: https://www.useloom.com/share/7109439d65ea42e9a4c80a86cc5077d7

If you face this problem again, please use the "Send Feedback" at the bottom of the GA interface to report this problem to the Google team.

Under review

Data Studio: time period comparison in all chart types

Dan Grainger 4 months ago in Data Studio • updated by Stéphane Hamel 4 months ago 1

In Data Studio line charts you can easily select from a drop-down to produce a second line on your chart...e.g. vs last month, vs last year, etc. So it baffles me that this can't be done in, for example, bar charts to product a second set of columns for the comparison. Would be really useful to have this feature irrespective of the chart type.


How to use GTM Sort Settings?

krvermeulen 5 months ago in Tag Manager • updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 months ago 3
I expect that this function lets me sort custom dimensions, lookup tables and so on while editing but I don't see a button appearing to sort the variables. How do I use this? Thanks! Koen
Stéphane Hamel 3 months ago

Da Vinci Tools v2019.1.24 just came out with the fix