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unable to deselect data range comparison in Google Analytics

Esben Rasmussen 2 months ago in Analytics • updated by Ken Schaefer 1 month ago 3

In google Analytics I had selected a data range comparison with a previous period. When I wanted to click the checkbox to deselect this date comparison I was now unable to do so. Clicking it resulted in the date selector "window" closing.

I tried setting the permissions for De Vinci Tools to only be allowed to run, when I click the plugin in Chrome. Then I reloaded the page and tried again (with Davinci Tools now disabled). This time it worked - I could remove the data range comparison in Google Analytics.

Under review

I'm not able to reproduce this problem and DV doesn't do anything to the date picker besides adding new Date Range options in the drop-down list. Have you tried re-enabling Da Vinci and testing again? Maybe it was just a UX glitch resolved with a little refresh?

Hi Stéphane

Thanks for a quick reply 

I will investigate tomorrow. I really hope you are right.


Hi. I too have this issue.  It occurs sporadically and a refresh does reset it.  While the option to click the "Compare" checkbox with the mouse doesn't always work, you can tab through the menu and select it via keyboard.  Not an ideal workaround.