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Hide me does not work

Paul H. 3 days ago in Analytics • updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 days ago 1

I'm running into a problem that I cannot resolve and I can't find a posted description of the problem or the solution anywhere. I've my copy of the DaVinci in Google Analytics Tracking is set to "OFF" (Blocked).  When going to my website I see myself being tracked on GA "Real-time."  If I close the browser tab that I used to opened my website I continue to show up as a "real-time" user past the 30 second delayed response time.   If I close my Google Chrome browser, open it and the go directly to GA (nothing else), I'm still tracking as a real-time user. (?????)   The only way I found to remove myself from being tracked in real time on GA is to reboot my laptop. (????!!!!)   Got any ideas what could be causing this false real-time tracking??  Thank you....

Under review

There are a couple of possibilities:

  1. an issue in the code when switching the "Hide me" switch on or off and it doesn't get handled by the background process;
  2. you are using two Chrome windows and are not signed in with the same user in Chrome so the preference isn't the same;
  3. some other weird problem...

Given rebooting will force Da Vinci to reload the preferences, I strongly suspect the problem is #1... I'm working on the next release so I will put that as a bug and check into it shortly.