Under review

Add checkboxes for QA in GTM to show that you have checked a tag, trigger or variable before publishing.

Nick Guebhard 3 months ago updated by Stéphane Hamel 3 months ago 1

Just when reviewing changes that someone else has made or when reviewing your own changes, it's difficult to keep track of what you've checked and what you haven't.  This would help with the QA process.

Under review

This would potentially be better served with "Rich Annotations", where you can add a note on Tags/Triggers/Variables and Versions. Once the initial note (aka "card" in Trello) is created, you can leverage the full power of Trello to set labels, status, add comments, share with the team, etc. This is much more powerful than a simple flag - what do you think?

See the Rich Annotations Knowledge Base articles for more details. It is still in beta but already pretty solid for GA & GTM, and coming for AdWords. I'm also working on a Trello Data Studio connector since there is none.

In an upcoming release, I'm also planning on improving the "in context" integration in GTM and include card labels and more details right there, in GTM.