Stéphane Hamel 2 weeks ago updated 4 days ago 4

UPDATE 2020-01-23: Everything is back in place and a new release will be published within a couple of weeks, while I'm discussing with interested parties to take over.

Please note Da Vinci Tools will no longer be supported and no further updates will be published.

If you were a subscriber, you subscription will remain valid until the expiry date but won't be renewed.

Sorry about the inconvenience - this decision had to be made given the lack of growth and the low volume of subscribers. It just didn't make sense to continue to invest so much energy into it.

Let me know which feature you liked the most and I might find some time to create some standalone extensions and make them open source.


What a shock it's being retired! It's an awesome tool and use it's features almost daily!


Stéphane, This is terrible news for all of us. Your tool has made my life easier every day. I hate to see this be abandoned. As for my favorite feature, well, come on. How am I supposed to choose my favorite? They are all so great. If I had to, though, I would say that the GTM tools are the best. I love the additions to the preview window and the dark mode for the custom html tags. For GA, I love the export features, especially export to GA import tool for Sheets. And in Data studio, I love the refresh timer. This is a sad day for me. I wish that more of us helped you out. You were always so fast to help us.

I will gladly pay for a tool for each service independently. Especially GTM. I am sure that there are features that I am unaware of just because I have had DaVinci running for what feels like forever. 


I will be at Superweek with many of the top minds in the field - some of them might be interested to take ownership and pursue the mission. So let's consider this a pause for now and I will do my best to find Da Vinci a new home. I'm not against making it open source, but even then, it needs an owner who will take care of it.

Sorry to hear that! I'm an avid user, too, but I admit I didn't decide to be a subscriber – haven't seen a need for pro features. I would, though, donate if there was an option.

In that scenario, I would love to see it “open-sourced,” and even I would try to contribute. I don't know JS, but in every project, there's more than just code.