Why is Da Vinci Tools asking to access data on all sites and other permissions ?

The extension doesn't actually reads, writes or changes any of your data, but it needs those permissions ("Read and change all your data on the websites you visit" and "Communicate with cooperating websites") because:

  • In order for the GA & GTM "Hide Me" feature to work, Da Vinci Tools needs to be able to detect the presence of specific GA requests matching blocked web properties and/or GTM containers being used by the pages you visit. To do this, it needs to watch & listen for all network requests and block them when appropriate;
  • You can limit Da Vinci Tools access to specific sites by managing the extension permissions, as described in this Google support article;
  • in the same way, the extension needs access to the pages you visit while using Google Tag Manager Preview mode in order to make the output looks better and do its magic;
  • The Da Vinci Tools UI is created by adding HTML, CSS & JavaScript code to specific pages you visit. In order to do that, the extension needs access to modify a page's DOM (if you're not a developer, just know that the DOM represents the internals of a page), but, if it can access everything in the DOM (the data a page contains, the forms you submit or your browsing history on that tab) it doesn't mean it actually does read it or does anything with it. It just needs to access the body of a page and append a new element to it.

The permission "Modify data you copy and paste" is in fact only used to "copy" data in the clipboard, not read from it. For example, this permission is required when creating the GA API Request or when copying code from GTM Preview.

All in all - remember when you install a Chrome Extension - any extension - you open permissions for this extension to view and alter the pages you visit and the traffic between your browser and the interwebs. Only install browser extensions coming from trusted sources and those which offer transparency about what they do. 

Last update: 2018-12-21

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