Release Notes


  • Improved: clearly stated simplified privacy policy & full version
  • New: Refund/Revert transactions
  • Fixed: GTM - when viewing changes there shouldn't be a code beautifier button
  • Improved: Updated Google Suite icons when clicking on Da Vinci logo in the toolbar
  • Fixed: GA - sort custom dimensions & fields button wasn't always showing up
  • Improved: authentication now let you switch account & improved workflow
  • Fixed: GTM - Remember Me was conflicting with GTM Preview shared link


  • Bug fix: Important performance issue related to the validation of enabled options
  • Bug fix: Analytics.HeatMap persistence was breaking background colour in some cases
  • Bug fix: Analytics.ConfidenceTest wasn't available for custom reports


  • Bug fix: Analytics.HeatMap wasn't handling currency values
  • Improved: Analytics.HideMe & TagManager.HideMe handling
  • New: Analytics.HostPrefix fixes pop-up links in reports when you use a filter to prefix Page with Hostname
  • Improved: Analytics.HeatMap now persists your selections!
  • Toggling options are now applied when reloading a page (instead of browser restart)


  • Bug fix: GTM Code beautifier was broken
  • New: GTM shortcuts (ctrl+shift+1st letter of button)
  • New: GTM dark theme editor
  • Improved: slightly modified options layout


  • Overall code refactoring bring stability & tighter integration
  • GA Remember Me was sometimes breaking history
  • GTM table sorting was breaking regex lookup tables
  • GA Hide Me wasn't always working
  • GTM Preview didn't always remember the open/close state
  • GTM Preview tag type icon was showed multiple times in some cases
  • Da Vinci was interfering with the Add New User function
  • GA  Sticky Headers: improved
  • GA Heap Map wasn't handling decimals or negative values, affecting colour grading scheme
  • GA Export API code refactoring - much more powerful
  • GA & GTM name in title wasn't always set
  • DS auto-refresh now includes a countdown


  • Da Vinci was interfering with Add User
  • New feature: GTM Preview Exit
  • Notice shouldn't show on new installation


  • GA Sticky Header wrongly applied on some pages, fixed height of sticky part
  • GA A/B Test picker reloading page instead of allowing user to pick values
  • Branding font color too dark for 460 users


  • GA feature - Date Picker: add several options to the date selection drop down;
  • GA core: simplified trigger rules;
  • GA features: fixed many cases where feature was disappearing;
  • GA feature - Head Map: added head map to Behavior/Experiments report
  • GA core: fixed Notice showing twice, and auto-hide after 20 seconds
  • GA feature - Sticky Header: was not sticking! :)

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