This feature leverage the power of Trello to bring Rich Annotations across the Google Marketing Platform.

Important Note: BETA

  • Rich Annotations will be available to subscribers only - but is open to all while in beta;
  • For now, Rich Annotations are available within Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager only, the fast-paced roadmap will bring:
    • Rich Annotations for Ads;
    • A Trello connector for Data Studio;
    • Automated annotations when publishing a GTM container or launching an Ads campaign;
    • and a lot more!
  • Please share feedback, bugs, submit feature requests or vote on our support page;
  • Secure your subscription price today from the Da Vinci Tools Options dialog - the price will increase as new features are added!

The Benefits of Rich Annotations

  • Intuitively and easily create new annotations directly in the Google Analytics, Google Ads or Google Tag Manager interfaces;
  • Integrate those annotations to your Data Studio dashboards;
  • Automatically create new annotations when launching a campaign or publishing a GTM container;
  • Use Rich Annotations to keep notes about important events affecting your data;
  • Use the power of Trello to manage your analysis workflow and collaborate with your team;
  • Keep track of campaigns - including details such as copy and images, manage the workflow with your agency;
  • Free! Show public holidays which can affect your traffic on the Google Analytics overview timeline available with most reports;
  • Free! Conversely, show automated annotations on the timeline when there are official or unconfirmed Google algorithm updates.

Why Integrate with Trello?

  • The Trello Free service is sufficient to get going and you will keep your Trello data even if you stop using Da Vinci Tools;
  • Annotations are "Cards" in Trello terminology - a card resides in a List, and several Lists can comprise a Board;
  • Once in Trello, you have total control over the organization of cards, including attachments, rich descriptions, due date, task lists, labels, comments and collaboration, complete activity history, automation and extensibility with Power Ups, as well as numerous integration capabilities with the tools you already use;
  • Each Google Analytics View, AdWords account, GTM container can be associated to a different Board and List, or multiple views can share the same Board, even across different Google Accounts - for greater and total control!

How Much Does it Cost?

  • This Da Vinci Tools feature is available to monthly subscribers only;
  • You can get going right now with a free Trello account - which offers unlimited personal boards, unlimited lists, unlimited cards, a single Power-Up per board and 10Mb per file attachment;
  • Once in Trello, the annotations are yours, even if you decide to stop using Da Vinci Tools;
  • You can extend Trello with a Business or Enterprise class account at your leisure.

Ready? You can now set up your Google Analytics View.

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