Known Issues, Roadmap, Feature Ideas

This module is still in beta and provided as-is. Features can evolve but any data you create in Trello is safe.

If you run into any issue, if you have ideas and feature suggestions, or if you simply want to peruse ideas submitted by analysts like you, please visit our support section.

Known Issues for the Rich Annotations Module

  • when mousing over the annotation icon in the timeline, if there's not enough room to show the cards overview tooltip, it will be shifted and it becomes very difficult to click on an entry to open its details
    • Upcoming solution: instead of mouseover, this will probably be changed to "click on the comment icon" and the tooltip will remain visible until closed;
  • if there are many entries for the same day, it's possible it will be cut-off at the top
    • Upcoming solution: the tooltip will be scrollable
  • If you find any issue, please submit the details in our support forum


  • Google Analytics:
    • Priority will be given to fixing any bugs and issues with the Google Analytics related features;
  • Google Tag Manager:
    • Da Vinci Tools will retrieve version details using the GTM API and show them on the timeline;
  • Google Ads:
    • Da Vinci Tools will integrate with the "Add a Note" dialog already present in the Ads timeline/or retrieve those notes using the API (if available)
    • When a campaign is launched the user will be invited to provide additional details
  • Data Studio
    • Create a Trello connector so annotations data can be easily integrated to your dashboards


Random thoughts, non-definitive feature ideas

  • when showing the abstracts in the tooltip, use the Card label colours
  • create Butler workflows and automations for campaign management and analysis workflow
    • If you have other ideas to make your marketer and analyst life easier, please submit the details in our support forum

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