Setup for Google Tag Manager

Initial Setup for a Google Tag Manager

The configuration of Rich Annotations for Google Tag Manager is pretty much self-explanatory.

  • During this process, you can cancel at any time simply by clicking outside the setup dialog;
  • Once configured, you can always come back and change your preferences for the current GTM Container.

Keep in Mind

  • Each Google Tag Manager Container can be associated to a Trello Board and List;
  • Multiple GTM Containers can use the same Trello Board and List, even if from different GA Accounts;
  • You can reassign a GTM Container already associated to a Board or List at any time without losing any annotation.

Step 1: Get Going!

Annotation Button

In Google Tag Manager, whenever you see the little note icon it means you can add annotations. It is present for Tags/Triggers/Variables and Versions.

The first time you click on it, you will be presented with the initial setup presented below.

Step 2: Authorize Trello

You must grant access to your Trello account so Da Vinci Tools knows where to store new annotations and retrieve existing ones;

  • Click the Authorize button to bring the Trello authentication dialog,
  • Click the link to create a new Trello account.
  • Authorize Trello or create a new account

Step 3: Associate a Trello Board

Da Vinci Tools needs to know where to retrieve annotations from, so in the second step you need to pick the Trello Board you want to associate with the current GA View.

  • Either pick an existing Trello Board
  • Let Da Vinci Tools create a new Board for you (you will be prompted for the Board name)

Step 4: Associate a Trello List

The Trello List is where Da Vinci Tools will create new annotations for you

  • Either pick an existing Trello List
  • Ask Da Vinci Tools to create a new one for you. In this case, you will be asked for the List name.

Note: if you asked Da Vinci Tools to create a Board for you, it will automatically create three lists: To Do, Doing, Done - which are typically the default lists to easily get going.

    You Are All Set!

    The required settings are set - you are now ready to create your first Annotation (Card)

    Clearing the Setup

    • To modify or remove the setup for a given Google Tag Manager Container, click the annotation icon as if you wanted to create a new annotation, and then click the gear icon in the top right. This will bring the Setup dialog as we've seen above.

    • Click the "deauthorize Trello" to remove all setups for the current view.
      • Rest assured: this only remove the setup and association for the current view - you will NOT lose any of your Trello cards.

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