Handling Cards with Google Tag Manager

Annotations Overview

  • Everywhere a note can be added, a "comment" icon is shown:

  • When you mouse-over one of those icons, a tooltip dialog will reveal the current annotations for the current item, or a dialog such as this one if there are no annotations:

  • When an overview is open, the "open link" icon indicates you can click anywhere in this abstract to open this Trello Card and get more details.

Adding a New Annotation

  • Creating a new annotation is super easy - just click on the comment icon;
  • Simply give the new annotation a title, and click the "Add Card" button;

  • When create a new annotation, the URL of the current GTM "entity" is automatically assigned as a source attachment, so you can easily get back to this item directly from the Trello Card
    • For example, if you add a new annotation while looking at the Overview tab of your container, this newly created Trello Card will be assigned to it;
    • Conversely, if you are looking at a specific Tag, Trigger or Variable, or even a Version, the Trello Card source will bring you back to exactly this "entity"
    • Only annotations for the current "entity" are displayed when you mouse-over the comment icon.
  • A new dialog will open where you will get the full card editing interface of Trello, so you can make the necessary adjustments, such as adding labels, assigning the card to another team member, adding attachments, etc.
  • When you are done, simply close this dialog.

Changing the Setup for the Current View

  • If ever you want to change the Board and List associated to the current GTM Container, simply click on the gear icon in the top-right of the Add Card dialog. This will bring back the initial Setup dialog.
    • Remember you can cancel any time simply by clicking outside the dialog;

  • If ever you want to "deauthorize Trello" and remove all setups for the current GTM Container, simply click on the "Deauthorize" button in the setup dialog.
    • Rest assured: this only remove the setup and association for the current view - you will NOT lose any of your Trello cards.

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