Trello Connector

The Trello Connector for Data Studio will bring Trello data - board, lists, card, etc. into your Data Studio dashboard.

If you use the Rich Annotations feature, you will be able to bring your annotations in context of the Google Analytics or other data sources you are showing in your dashboard.


Open in Data Studio


  1. Authorize Google: Data Studio requires authorization to use this community connector. Click the AUTHORIZE button.

  2. Authorize Trello: Trello Connector requires a token in order to access your data. Click the HELP button and follow the instructions, then copy the provided token into the Key field of the connector and click SUBMIT.

  3. Subscribe: The Trello Connector requires a valid subscription. Follow the connector instructions or subscribe now. Note: The email used for your subscription must match the email of the Google Account authorized for this Data Studio connector. There is a free 7 days trial, after which monthly billing will start.
  4. Select Board and Data Type: Select the board you want or pick the Trello Development Roadmap public dashboard for some data, then pick the type of data you want to bring to Data Studio. Click CONNECT to get going!

Revoking Permissions

  • You can revoke permission for Trello by visiting your Trello Account.
  • You can revoke permission for this connector by visiting your Google Account.
  • You can cancel your subscription at any time by following the link provided in the Da Vinci Tools Options dialogue.

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