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Rich Annotations are currently in beta and available for GA & GTM. I'm almost done completing the development of a Trello Connector which will allow you to bring any Trello data into Data Studio.

I'm currently looking at a way to add a "hamburger" menu to tags/triggers/variables lists to make it easier to do multiple operations at the same time.

This would potentially be better served with "Rich Annotations", where you can add a note on Tags/Triggers/Variables and Versions. Once the initial note (aka "card" in Trello) is created, you can leverage the full power of Trello to set labels, status, add comments, share with the team, etc. This is much more powerful than a simple flag - what do you think?

See the Rich Annotations Knowledge Base articles for more details. It is still in beta but already pretty solid for GA & GTM, and coming for AdWords. I'm also working on a Trello Data Studio connector since there is none.

In an upcoming release, I'm also planning on improving the "in context" integration in GTM and include card labels and more details right there, in GTM.

Fixed for the next release.

Just validated - you are right. I wonder how it passed through my QA! I will fix that promptly.

Completed. This will be available in the next release. When this is enabled in the Options dialog, the "show sampling" will be active by default.

A new release is being deployed at this time. Since I have made quite significant changes and optimization - and I wasn't able to reproduce the problem - please make sure you have the latest version (Polymath v2019.6.19) and let me know if you still run into this issue.

Ok, I see what you mean now. I'm afraid this isn't something I can fix easily and it's quite a marginal use case, so I will reject this suggestion for now and continue the work on additional features.