Your comments

To help me out with the repro-steps and make sure I got it right:

  1. You are logged in with user A
  2. You click on your user icon to bring the list of user accounts and click on a different one
  3. GTM brings you back to your latest URL with the initial user - dismissing completely your latest selection

To solve this, I will do the Remember Me per account (and also in GA)

Ah! Yes, this is certainly related to Remember Me! I will test and fix for the next release.

I will try to detect if switching to a different account and proceed normally.

Good catch! I fixed it, and at the same time I found that some segment IDs listed in the GA interface do not actually match the reporting API segment ids.

For example, All Users in the GA interface is "builtin1" and corresponds to "gaid::-1" in the reporting API, which is easy to handle. But Bounced Sessions is "builtin27" in the GA interface, but is "gaid::-19" for the reporting API... go figure!

This will be fixed in the next release, coming up April 5th.

I have fixed the "state" problem, but I know the 2nd error is specifically caused by the attempt to send the request to GA. I suspect it might have to do with the transaction id or one of the product names. If you could expand the line just above the error it would help me. Or better still, use the "Debug" option and email the request to so I can test it on my end (I will not execute it so I don't spam your data!)

At least, I see there's no error coming from Da Vinci itself - which is good.
Now, if you type chrome:extensions in your browser URL, turn the "Developer mode" on and you will see most extensions have a "Inspect views: htm/background.htm". Click on it for Da Vinci and capture what's there (pretty sure there won't be any error... but just in case).

I really want this to work!