Upload data from Google Sheets to regex/lookup tables

Nick Guebhard 2 years ago updated by Supermetrics Support Team 11 months ago 8



Ready for the next release!

You can see a quick demo here: https://www.loom.com/share/c2782b038d154d958129b887bcac994d


Awesome! Thanks Stephane

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Interesting idea! Or maybe a simple paste of rows copied from anywhere which would fill the lookup or regex lookup tables?


Yes, that's even better. Copy-paste from text editor, excel, etc. would be really nice.


I will make it possible to copy to clipboard the current values from a regex or normal table, and paste from the clipboard - as long as there are two columns: input/pattern and output.

The clipboard data format will have to be separated by a coma, semicolon, a tab, etc. As when you paste to Excel/Google Sheet, use quotes to make sure there's no confusion with the separator.

Awesome! One thing that I'm not sure whether it is intuitive is overwriting the entire table when pasting it from Google Sheets. I mean sometimes that's a good thing, sometimes not so much (because maybe I wanted to add all the pasted elements at the bottom of my regex/lookup table. But I have no good solution how to let user to decide which one to choose.


I thought about that. The good thing is it won't save the variable automatically - so you can always make additional edits or cancel the change.

In that specific case, what you could do is simply copy the current table values, bring them into a Google Sheet where you can reorder, change and add new ones. Then copy those values from the Sheet back into the table. Plus, otherwise, if the current values are left there, you could end up with twice the same rule... which would be even worse.

I thought about have a button to do the copy, and then a paste, and ask specifically if values should be overwritten... but this would be far less intuitive and not as well aligned with the next big feature.

I think I will keep this after I have done the more generic copy/paste of GA & GTM configs ;)