Google Analytics Features

Complete list of Google Analytics features:

  • CancelTransaction: Show Refund/Revert of transactions and items in ecommerce reports
  • ConfidenceTest: Confidence-Test Calculator, in collaboration with
  • Context:┬áHolidays and Google updates annotations provided by Context from
  • DatePicker: Enhanced date selection
  • ExportAPI: Add Export/API v4, GSheet Addon and Supermetrics
  • HeatMap: Table heat map
  • HideMe: Easily turn off tracking for the specified properties (for you only)
  • HighLow: Highlight High/Low points in overview graphs
  • HostPrefix: Handle Page prefixed with Hostname
  • NameInTitle: Show view name in tab title
  • RememberMe: Remember last report you were on
  • ResetDrilldownMenu: when clicking on left-side menu, always show top-level report (remove drilldown)
  • StickyHeader: Keep the report header at top
  • SimpleTableCompare: Simplified table comparison when using multiple date ranges

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