Tag Manager Features

All Google Tag Manager features can be individually turned on/off in the Options dialog of the extension.

Complete of Google Tag Manager features:

  • Rich Annotations
  • AllBuiltin: Easily turn built-in variables on/off.
  • Beautify: Enable code beautification for Custom HTML Tags and Custom JavaScript variables.
  • CodeBlock: Automatically add a code block when creating a new Custom HTML Tag or Custom JavaScript variable.
  • DarkTheme: Toggle the editor from regular to dark mode.
  • HideMe: Easily turn off the specified containers (for you only). This will prevent the GTM container from loading on the page.
  • Inject ($): Inject your own GTM container on any page you want. This will also prevent existing GTM from loading on those pages. The RegEx should be a valid URL pattern match, for example:
  • Lookup: Copy/Paste from/to RegEx & Table Lookup Table. Quick demo video.
  • New:  Create new Tag/Trigger/Variable directly from the Overview pane.
  • NameInTitle: Show container name in tab title - handy if you have multiple GTM tabs open in your browser.
  • PlayPause: Add a green circle at right of Tag row, and also make the Pause icon clickable. Clicking will automatically pause/resume the given tag without having to drill down into the tag details.
  • Regex: Validation of regex input for Trigger rules and RegEx Table Lookup Variables as you type.
  • RememberMe: Remember last container you were on so you get brought back to it the next time you open GTM.
  • RememberSorts: Remember sort preferences of table columns under the Tags, Triggers, Variables tabs.
  • Search: Toggle the display of Tags/Triggers/Variables in search results.
  • Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+1st Letter of any visible button (or Control+Shift+1st Letter on Mac).
  • SortSettings: Sort fields, custom dimensions & metrics and lookup tables.
  • UAConfig: Go from a Tag Google Analytics Settings directly to the configuration Variable
  • Tidy: Various style and lookup enhancements, for example, make Tabs, Triggers and Variables tables use the full width of the browser, show tags, triggers and variables types icons.
  • VarHighlight: Highlight variables in the code editor.

GTM Preview related features:

  • Clipboard: Allow Ctrl-C to copy selected code when in Preview mode.
  • ExitPreview: Easily exit from GTM Preview mode.
  • RememberMinimized: Remember if GTM Preview was minimized or expanded when navigating from page to page.
  • TidyPreview: Make GTM Preview look much better.

Last update: 2019-10-30

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