Tag Manager Features

Complete of Google Tag Manager features:

  • AllBuiltin: Turn all built-in variables on/off at once
  • Beautify: Enable code beautification
  • CodeBlock: Automatically create a code block when creating a new custom JavaScript variable
  • DarkTheme: Editor theme
  • HideMe: Easily turn off the specified containers (for you only)
  • NameInTitle: Show container name in tab title
  • RememberMe: Remember last container you were on
  • RememberSorts: Remember sort preferences
  • Shortcuts: Ctrl+Shift+1st Letter of any visible button (or Control+Shift+1st Letter on Mac)
  • SortSettings: Sort fields, custom dimensions & metrics and lookup tablesVarHighlight: Highlight vars in code editor

GTM Preview related features:

  • Clipboard: Allow Ctrl-C to copy selected code when in Preview mode
  • ExitPreview: Easily exit from GTM Preview mode
  • RememberMinimized: Remember if GTM Preview was minimized or expanded
  • TidyPreview: Make GTM Preview look better

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